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You are not here by accident. Profound as that statement is, it’s basic to what we do here at the Group. We successfully work to attract your best audience, convert them to actionable leads, and then help turn them into loyal customers and clients – fans even. It’s no accident. And your brand will be all the better for it as well. See what our inbound marketing methodologies can do for your business.

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The Vendor Client Relationship

The vendor/client relationship is a very important one in business. No matter what industry you work in, there is a constant back and forth between both parties, each thinking they are right. In order to have a successful vendor/client relationship, negotiations are key.

The Psychology of Color and How It Affects Marketing

Working in the marketing and advertising industry, you have one major goal: draw in consumers and get them to buy what you’re selling. Whether it’s through print ads or Facebook posts, the end goal is the same. Regardless of how you try to reach your target audience, there is one important factor to consider, one that is often overlooked: color.

Marketing to Millennials and How You’re Doing It Wrong

As a 21-year-old college grad, I’m constantly exposed to marketing, whether it’s through the radio during my morning commute or through sponsored ads on my Twitter feed. Most of the time I completely ignore these marketing campaigns, but there are the rare occurrences when one actually catches my attention.