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Invest in marketing that works. Profound as that statement is, it’s basic to what we do here at the Group. We successfully work to attract your best audience, convert them to actionable leads, and then help turn them into loyal customers and clients – fans even. Your brand and your bottom line will be all the better for it as well.

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Five B2B Companies Using Instagram Successfully
Posted by on September 30, 2015 at 7:07 pm

We have ‘filtered’ through Instagram to bring you 5 examples of B2B companies that are successfully employing the platform’s marketing potential. The following organizations are using Instagram to share their unique brand experience visually. They not only have large numbers of followers, but they also have high levels of engagement. Engagement rate is a key element here as it confirms that the company's brand experience is is resonating with their audience. […]

5 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Instagram for Inbound Marketing
Posted by on September 24, 2015 at 6:06 pm

“If you didn’t ‘gram’ it, it didn’t happen.” There are several variations on this mantra; all point to a common understanding of the importance of Instagram. However, many businesses are still hesitant about the platform, particularly those in the B2B space. While they have recognized the impact of other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, these companies continue to dismiss Instagram as not being a good fit for their brand. Yet there is a great opportunity for inbound marketing for B2B companies on Instagram, especially given that not many of their peers are utilizing its full capabilities in this space. Having a strong presence on Instagram can help your company stand out. How? Here are 5 ways that Instagram can help your B2B company. […]

Snyder Group Exceeds Client’s Goal By +500% for +80% New Business Growth
Posted by on July 29, 2015 at 7:30 pm

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists (WSS) was a passive HubSpot user prior to calling on Snyder Group. They believed in the inbound methodology, but needed help with developing and executing a strategy to make it work. WSS found Snyder Group through organic search for an inbound marketing partner in July of 2014. After a review of WSS goals, plans, challenges and timing (GPCT) and subsequent statement of work, Snyder Group on-boarded WSS July 1, 2014. […]