With all of the options for social media these days, it can get hard to focus in on what platform(s)
best fit your brand. You may already be familiar with some of these platforms. Facebook,
Twitter and Linkedin are commonly used tools for many marketers. Instagram and Pinterest are
growing platforms that represent new opportunities to build brand narratives. Google+ is also
evolving rapidly with 925,000 new users every day.
To help make sense of this all we are sharing a great chart we found by Leverage New Age
.   It’s generally agreed that the six major social media platforms are:

■ Facebook
■ Twitter
■ LinkedIn
■ Instagram
■ Google+
■ Pinterest

Between these six social media platforms, marketing professionals should be able to develop
a social media marketing plan that will reach their best audience. The image below gives
you an overview of what each social media platform offers at a glance. We hope you find it


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