As of now, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone has heard at least one of Bud Light’s new marketing efforts regarding the creation of its new town: Whatever USA. Whether it’s through Pandora ads, YouTube videos, or TV commercials, Bud Light has left no platform untouched in terms of promoting its new Up For Whatever campaign.

Let’s take a step back and look at what Bud Light is actually doing. The brand is secretly creating its own party town, which will be called Whatever USA. During the weekend of September 5-7, about 1,000 people will be picked and invited to go to the town for the weekend, where various events will take place. Bud Light won’t reveal more than this and that is the key to the campaign – the unknown. According to brand director David Daniels, “Anytime you’re holding things back, it takes a little more work to get consumers engaged and excited, but the heart of the campaign idea is being up for whatever. And if you know what whatever is, then you can weigh your options. This is more about being spontaneous and embracing the unexpected. And I think young beer drinkers are giving us credit for staying true to that.”

Targeted towards 21 to 27 year-old beer drinkers, Bud Light invites these millennials to audition for a chance to be invited to the big event. Auditions have been taking place throughout the whole summer, and will continue to do so as the event gets closer. Bud Light sets up site at bars around the country and asks consumers random questions that people have fun with. Some of the clips can be found on their YouTube channel here. In addition to this, people can also audition at To date, Bud Light has had over 100,000 people audition.

From a millennials perspective, the idea is genius. Bud Light is setting itself apart from other beer brands by creating a movement that’s never been done before. Despite having done other large scale marketing efforts in the past, Bud Light takes this to a whole new level. The fact that the brand is targeting a millennials point of view and using that to its advantage is key. The creation of a party town doesn’t hurt either – are you up for whatever?

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