So maybe you don’t consider yourself a workaholic, but if you’re thinking twice about taking that well-deserved vacation, then keep reading. Leaving the office for a week or two may seem a nerve-wracking – after all, who else is going to constantly check your email and water the plants? With inbound marketing, this is become easier. Because leads are coming to you, you will have something to return to when you get back, instead of scrambling to make up for lost time. Before you leave, it’s easy to schedule blog posts and social media updates with platforms such as Hubspot, so you’re still interacting with potential costumers even though you’ll be lying on a beach somewhere. That being said, leaving behind your daily routine for a vacation may be the best thing you can do, for both your job and yourself.

Change Your Perspective

Imagine a life with no meetings, no client calls, and no deadlines to meet. Getting a chance to do what you want to, whether it’s reading that new book on the beach or traveling and experiencing different cultures, opens up your mind. You’re able to think differently because you’re relaxed and inspired to try new things. In fact, taking a vacation can help spark new ideas for when you actually do return to your daily work routine. Follow in the steps of the entrepreneur of Instagram, Kevin Systrom. Systrom was on a beach in California when he came up with the idea of what is now one of the most popular social media networks. Who knows, maybe you’ll be next.

Happiness Leads to Productiveness

If you’re not taking time off to what you want, you will slowly become more and more miserable. No matter how much you are trying to get on your boss’s good side, you will soon come to resent everything about your job. Taking a vacation makes you happier. Many people stuck in daily nine to five routines have forgotten what it means to truly be happy because they are burdened with juggling work and their home lives. The best thing you can do is to stop overthinking whether you actually can and should go, and just go.

It can be easy to get caught up at work and lose sight of what else is important. So many people actually forego their vacations and continue to work. It’s important to remember that getting away has many benefits, if not only to clear your mind. So next time you’re thinking of client deadlines and whether you can actually afford to miss some time in the office, remember that you can. The office isn’t going anywhere, we promise.


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