I love our IT guy. We’re lucky because we’ve got someone on board who is brilliant and a really cool guy. What I am learning from him I’ve never had an inherent desire to know. And most of the things he sends or copies me on in emails I simply gloss over, only to write back, “Does it work?” or “Is it doing what we want it do?”. In other words, the end game, the big picture, the objective. There’s a real difference in the way we communicate. He likes the nuts and the bolts. I like the robot. And I believe we both respect (at least I do) each other for that. At a recent gathering of digital marketers I discovered that I am not alone in this communication chasm between IT and marketing.

The more high-tech marketing comes into play, the more marketing needs to come into IT. Searching the Internet, most of the chatter about this is from the perspective of marketers needing to be more IT-like. Marketing needs this knowledge base. Gartner predicts that by 2017 CMOs will spend more on IT than the CTOs!

And conversely, IT needs to come more into the world of marketing. If IT is to be of value in a marketing playbook, IT folk need to understand that knowledge base as well. No longer is it simply (career) safe to say IT owns the corporate website, or the decades-old CRM system to have and hold for a sales force that has no strategy in place to leverage it. A tunnel vision on technology stands a good chance of losing sight of the important end result – or as marketing often calls it, the objective. We need each other, and perhaps this is where the millennials will help. For them, the world of IT and the world of marketing are one and the same. Ah, no more shaking!



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