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A lot has changed since the agency first opened its doors over twenty years ago. What hasn’t changed is the Group’s intrinsic ability to successfully deliver to client goals. In both traditional and new digital mediums, the formula of clear objectives, on-target strategies, and breakthrough creative still equals client success. We work with a wide range of clients. See if you would be a good fit »

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Our offices are located just eastward of New York City near the mouth of the Norwalk River as it meets Long Island Sound. Now that you’ve visited us online, you need to visit us on foot – or by car, boat, rocket, plane, just get here. Your view, and your work, will be inspired. Perhaps it’s the salt air… Address: 1 Selleck Street - Norwalk, CT 06855 Phone: (203) 852-1261 Fax: (203) 852-0586 Email: hello@snydergroupinc.com

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