Hubspot Marketing Onboarding

Hubspot Marketing Hub is a powerful tool that will help you grow traffic, convert leads, and achieve your business goals. Snyder Group will outline a customized onboarding plan that addresses your goals, software, and tech stack. Snyder Group is a Platinum Hubspot Solutions Partner that has successfully assisted numerous clients with installing and ramping up Hubspot Marketing Hub. 

Hubspot Marketing Onboarding Services Include:

  • How your data lives in HubSpot
  • Lead capture and conversion paths
  • Segmenting your data
  • Email marketing
  • Traffic and website analytics
  • Content strategy
  • Automated lead nurturing and internal lead assignment setup
  • Consulting to migrate/import data from your CRM
  • Campaign setup, analysis, and custom reporting
  • Technical consulting (CRM and custom integration support, template configuration, API review/troubleshooting, technical design review)
  • Business strategy consulting

Brand Identity Development

In today’s real-time media landscape, an organization’s brand is more important than ever. Snyder Group’s branding programs encompass brand assessments, roadmaps, and activations. Whether your need is purely creative, or a deeper dive into how your audience engages with your brand, Snyder Group is ready to deliver.

Remote Workplace Setup

Organizations are increasingly moving to a partial or fully remote workplace strategy. The benefits of having the option of working remotely are many. With the right technology platforms, performance monitoring, and communications approach in place, you can see immediate gains for your team. Our team will help you build a roadmap to remote workplace management and partner with you to get there. 

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Marketing Performance Assessment

A good starting point for strategic marketing programs is a performance assessment. With the objective of clarifying your sales goals, challenges, plans and timing (GPCT), Snyder Group’s marketing performance assessment delivers a marketing road map that is designed to hone top-of-the-funnel systems (like marketing and branding), your middle-of-the-funnel systems (lead generation/database marketing), and your bottom-of-the-funnel conversions. Post assessment, clear actionable insights are provided.