Inbound Marketing

Good for: Organizations that are seeking to build a strong pipeline of organic inbound leads for their sales force. 

As inbound marketing continues to evolve, so do we. For our clients this means business bolstering content marketing strategies leveraging accurately researched buyers and their paths to your products and services. Through inbound strategies, content development,  graphic design, campaign implementation and analysis, fully realized and sustainable inbound marketing programs are deployed, assessed and continually improved to maximize your returns.

Account Based Marketing

Many of the organizations we work with require a strategy that focuses on winning individual prospects or accounts. Snyder Group account based marketing programs work to clearly identify and document the account stakeholders of prospective organizations. We then work with your sales team to create and develop a multi-faceted and multi-touch marketing sales program designed to break through and close on focused accounts. Depending on the size of the ABM program and bandwidth, Snyder Group is also available to deploy, track and refine the program to maximize success.

Digital Advertising

At our core, we’re all advertisers intent on achieving impressions either via organic or paid strategies. Digital media, a paid strategy, is a powerful tool that when used effectively will quickly and cost effectively accelerate the time it takes to bring prospects and buyers into your world. With audience filtering, segmentation, retargeting, and automation strategies, it is also possible to generate and nurture leads while optimizing the impact of your target audience impressions at the lowest possible cost. Snyder Group successfully takes products and services to market, builds brands, and sells through the following media services:

Media Services

Social Media Advertising

Millions (and millions) of people engage with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram on a daily basis. Harnessing the reach and audience targeting power of these paid social platorms is what we do. Snyder Group paid social campaigns transparently track click-through-rates, purchases, retweets, likes, and more. When coupled with inbound marketing strategies, ROI is amplified, resulting in media dollars working harder.

Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC/SEM)

Google AdWords is the most cost-effective way to reach your audience. We often run PPC parallel to organic marketing to achieve goals. A well-optimized PPC campaign remarkets and target the people who have clicked on ads in the past, but have yet to convert. At Snyder Group, we have a dedicated PPC team that focuses only on your ad build, optimization, and performance of your ad campaigns. Whether you choose to run ads on Google Search Network or Google Display Network, Snyder Group will achieve the highest possible performance for every one of your campaigns.

Programmatic Media

Snyder Group employs programmatic advertising to cost effectively purchase digital ad inventory, such as banner ads on websites, mobile ads on apps and the mobile web, and in-stream video. These ads integrate into multiple ad exchanges, and the highest bid wins the ad placement. Snyder Group leverages programmatic advertising to:

  • Book campaigns on a dynamic cost per thousand (CPM) and provide visibility into the true market value of your audience
  • Provide high/low bidding flexibility optimizing performance against target audiences
  • Capitalize on high supply, low demand markets for maximum media spend efficiencies

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