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Business Intelligence Reporting Dashboards

Benefit by the informed decisions that come from actionable insights from this data.

The Snyder Group Dev Team has the business expertise to assess and the technical ability to aggregate your organization’s business relevant data points into a 24/7 real time reporting dashboard. And while most digital agencies can provide out-of-the-box dashboards, Snyder Group technological know-how provides your organization a customized reporting dashboard that will drive your marketing and sales efforts, and put a smile on the faces of your executive team.

Website Design & Development

Whether your looking to launch, refine or realign a business, the website is the catalyst of choice. A well-executed website will reflect a company’s unique proposition, values and culture – it is the primary access not only to what you sell but who you are as an organization. The latter definitely supporting the former. Snyder Group website builds have been refined over 15 years. We ensure content/copy is on mark, sitemap and wireframes deliver successful user interfaces, and all is supported by clean secure in-house coding. Ultimately, your visitors will feel right at home on your online home.

Marketing Performance Assessment

A good starting point for strategic marketing programs is a performance assessment. With the objective of clarifying your sales goals, challenges, plans and timing (GPCT), Snyder Group’s marketing performance assessment delivers a marketing road map that is designed to hone top-of-the-funnel systems (like marketing and branding), your middle-of-the-funnel systems (lead generation/database marketing), and your bottom-of-the-funnel conversions. Post assessment, clear actionable insights are provided.