What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy based on creating valuable content through your website, email, and social media channels that your target buyers are searching for. The key to this strategy is providing value to potential customers BEFORE asking them to give you anything or trying to sell them. When implemented, an inbound marketing strategy will consistently deliver results that do not rely on traditional tactics such as cold calling, advertising, or list purchasing.

Outbound marketing is a traditional method of marketing that pushes communications out to potential customers. Outbound marketing includes advertising, broadcast, purchased email list marketing, trade shows, and cold calling.

Depending on your timeline and budget, Snyder Group can employ both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to successfully achieve your business growth goals.

Key Benefits of Inbound Marketing:

    1. Attract a steady pipeline of quality organic sales leads
    2. Reduce paid media expense
    3. Build brand awareness, thought leadership and market trust through publishing of quality content
    4. Grow contact database for direct marketing and customer acquisition
    5. Nurture client relationships

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Snyder Group’s Approach to Inbound Marketing

Founded over 25 years ago, Snyder Group focuses on client key objectives and the best strategies to meet those objectives. Every Snyder Group inbound marketing campaign starts with a clear understanding of your business growth goals. From that understanding, we develop a full-funnel marketing plan and timeline to help you grow your business.


Need an Inbound Marketing Plan?

We work with clients to successfully transition from traditional marketing strategies to measurable digital  inbound marketing programs. Our inbound team will work with you to define goals, implement the right marketing technology, and launch an ongoing ROI-based marketing program. Snyder Group’s marketing programs are turn-key, inclusive of team training, content development, creative services, and performance reporting.

Need to Improve Your Current Inbound Marketing Program?

If your inbound marketing program has stalled or failed to get the traction it needed, we’ll provide you with a full-funnel assessment for program optimization. Our inbound team will take a look at what is working and not working in your marketing funnel. From that assessment, we will create a 30-day action plan to immediately improve performance.

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Free Ebook: 10 Useless Things to Cut from Your Marketing

Free Ebook: 10 Useless Things to Cut from Your Marketing

A Strong Foundation for Your Flywheel

The flywheel model from HubSpot is used to illustrate the momentum an organization can experience when it prioritizes the creation and delivery of relevant content and top-quality service. Turning strangers to prospects to customers to promoters, the flywheel demonstrates how much potential growth can come with a consistent posting cadence.

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