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Meet The Team

Charles Roth


Throughout his career, Charles has focused on driving growth for clients through integrated ROI focused marketing approaches. Charles is an established marketing leader with a track record of delivering measurable results for a wide range of clients. He strongly believes in the power of data and analytics in shaping marketing strategies and has led his teams to utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver measurable results.

With a keen eye for market trends and consumer behavior, Charles has helped Snyder Group forge strategic partnerships that have further enhanced the company's position as a leader in the industry. His expertise is widely recognized, with numerous case studies showcasing his ability to drive growth and deliver tangible results.

As the President of Snyder Group Inc., Charles continues to steer the company toward success, constantly pushing for innovation and excellence in all aspects of the business. With his extensive knowledge and proven track record, he is a valuable asset to both his team and clients alike.

Emily Burnaman

Digital Project Manager

Emily Burnaman is a highly skilled and experienced professional in website development and project management. She continuously strives for excellence and is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for her clients. She has a natural knack for managing teams and communicating with clients to ensure their needs are met.

Emily's strong background in software training and development gives her a unique perspective when managing digital projects. She understands the importance of creating a visually appealing website while also prioritizing user experience. With her expertise, she ensures that all projects are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, accessible, and easy to navigate.

As a Digital Project Manager at Snyder Group, Inc., Emily oversees various website build projects, from WordPress development to digital marketing campaigns. She works closely with her team of designers, developers, and marketers to ensure that projects are delivered on time and exceed client expectations.

In addition to her project management skills, Emily also has a keen eye for detail and is always up-to-date with the latest trends in website development and UX/UI design. She continuously strives to improve her skills and stay ahead of the game, providing innovative solutions and strategies for clients.

Outside of work, Emily enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. She believes that experiencing different ways of life helps her to expand her creativity and gain new perspectives, which she can then apply to her work as a Senior Digital Project Manager.

Jillian Supino

Senior Marketing Strategist

Jillian Supino is a seasoned marketing professional with Inbound and Outbound marketing experience for small, medium, and international businesses and organizations in the B2B, B2C, and not-for-profit sectors. She currently serves as the Senior Marketing Strategist at Snyder Group, Inc., where she leads the development and implementation of effective marketing strategies for clients across various industries.

Jillian’s passion for inbound marketing is evident in her approach, which focuses on creating valuable content that attracts and retains potential customers. She is well-versed in utilizing a wide range of marketing tools and platforms to deliver impactful campaigns that align with clients’ brand objectives, and couples this knowledge with a sharp attention to analytics and performance data.

Aside from her role at Snyder Group, Jillian enjoys taking on mentorship opportunities to share her knowledge and expertise with aspiring marketers. Her strategic mindset, along with her strong analytical skills and ability to think outside the box, make her a valuable asset for Snyder Group clients.

If you’re looking for an experienced professional who can guide your brand toward success through effective digital and traditional marketing strategies, Jillian is the perfect person to turn to. With her extensive knowledge and proven track record in driving results, she will help take your brand to the next level. Reach out to Jillian today and see how she can elevate your marketing efforts!

William Thode

Senior Website Developer

Bill is a website developer with professional experience in web application development and strategy. Developing at an expert level in PHP/MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3, Bill works on everything from back-end web database and framework development to front-end user interface and experience.

Bill prides himself on writing clean, best-practice code that adheres to web standards and brings web designs to life with pixel perfect accuracy. Bill’s expertise ensures the highest quality website builds for the Snyder Group Inc. clientele. Bill received a B.S. in Electronic Business from Towson University.

Shane Aarons

Graphic Design Specialist

Shane Aarons is a highly skilled graphic design specialist. Currently, he works as a Graphic Design Specialist at Snyder Group, Inc., where he utilizes his creative talents to build and enhance brands through design. With a keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail, Shane brings a unique perspective to every project he works on.

His passion for graphic design started at a young age, and he has since honed his skills through education and hands-on experience. After completing his degree in Graphic Design from Gibbs University, Shane began his professional career as a graphic designer. Over the years, he has worked with various clients ranging from small startups to large corporations, always delivering high-quality designs that exceed expectations.

Shane's expertise in graphic design includes but is not limited to branding, logo design, packaging, print and web design. Through his work, he strives to create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate a brand's message. In addition to his role at Snyder Group, Shane also shares his knowledge and experience by providing graphic design consulting services to aspiring designers. He is passionate about helping others learn and grow in the field of graphic design.

With his dedication to building and enhancing brands through design, he has become a valuable asset to the Snyder Group clientele. If you are looking for a skilled and innovative graphic designer to help elevate your brand, look no further than Shane Aarons.

Chris Roth

Paid Search Specialist

Christopher is a seasoned digital marketing professional with a career distinguished by a remarkable track record in developing and executing go-to-market strategies that drive business growth. Chris excels in optimizing sales funnels, ensuring clients' marketing success, and fostering internal talent development. His skill set extends to fiscal budget planning, management, and reporting, which is a testament to his comprehensive approach to marketing leadership.

In the dynamic and diverse world of digital marketing, Chris has proven himself capable of thriving in various verticals, including B2B, B2C, and the highly regulated medical sector. His decisiveness and ability to make well-informed, rational decisions have consistently delivered results. He strikes a perfect balance between immediate implementation and long-term strategy, creating sustainable processes that can be replicated and tailored to meet clients' specific needs for efficient success.

Chris's approach is firmly rooted in data-driven decision-making. He harnesses the power of statistical information to diagnose and remedy issues across processes, client marketing performance, and internal talent development. His clear and efficient communication, supported by data, ensures that problems are identified and resolved effectively.

With his wealth of experience and proven leadership abilities, Chris continues to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing, driving growth and development for Snyder Group clients.

Alexandra Tio

Marketing Specialist

Alexandra specializes in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies for various organizations and brands. She has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, making her an expert in creating targeted campaigns that deliver results.

With her impressive background and expertise in digital marketing and brand management, she is a valuable asset to the growth and success of Snyder Group clients.

As a Marketing Specialist, Alexandra is responsible for driving the company's digital marketing initiatives, managing brand identity and reputation, and overseeing strategic partnerships. Her data-driven approach, combined with her creative thinking and strong analytical skills, enables her to craft successful marketing programs that align with the company's goals.

Alexandra holds a Bachelor's degree in media communications from Central Connecticut State University. She has also obtained various certifications in digital marketing and brand management over the years, further solidifying her expertise in these areas. Throughout her career, she has been praised for her ability to exceed performance targets and consistently deliver exceptional results and solutions.

In her role as Marketing Specialist at Snyder Group Inc., Alexandra works closely with the team to ensure seamless integration of marketing efforts across all platforms. Her dedication, passion, and drive make her an invaluable member of the team.

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Immerse yourself in a role that blends strategy, communication, and leadership in a fully remote and dynamic environment. At Snyder Group, you’re not just managing client relationships—you are crafting success stories with a diverse team of motivated professionals. Enjoy a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and the chance to be a core player in a thriving agency that values innovation and results. Ready for a challenge? Dive into a role where every day brings new opportunities and your impact is seen—and celebrated!

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Our mission is to simplify your organization’s transition to data-driven ROI based marketing.

Our vision for our clients is the establishment of foundational practices and processes that cost less, produce more, and meet business goals with the flexibility to adapt as those goals evolve.

Our Values



We believe in accountability and doing the right thing. With each plan or recommendation, we keep your best interests and the highest ethical principles of our trade as guiding points in all decisions.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, stagnation is not an option. We stay on the cutting edge of technology and marketing trends, constantly innovating to bring you fresh, creative solutions. Our team is dedicated to staying up-to-date on all certifications and trainings so that as industry best practices change, you continue to receive the best results.


We believe in openness and honesty. Our work is transparent, from our strategies to our results, so you can trust that everything is genuine and backed by real data. We build trust with you and your audience, creating a solid foundation for lasting relationships and brand loyalty.


We accept each individual as they are and for who they are, and we work on the premise of positive intent. Simply put, we have each other’s back. In all of our interactions, we strive for professional and compassionate engagement that includes everyone’s point of view and considers the impact of our actions on others.


We believe that the pinnacle of a good working relationship is communication. We approach each situation with curiosity and hold space for empowering and challenging conversations. Engagement is necessary, and we believe that effectiveness is key.

Have Fun

When you do what you love, and you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. We enjoy the work that we're fortunate to do, as crazy as it sounds, we look forward to Mondays.